Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let's Sew!

I've pieced together some information...I don't have all the details, but enough to ensure that you don't miss anything!

First of all...the AccuQuilt has arrived!  Diane W., Valerie and Lila tested it.  It works great!  It has found a home in the Home Ec room and will be available for members to use at our many events that are held there!
The trays and die cuts are stored in the cabinet underneath.  
When Valerie and I were setting it up, she demonstrated how it worked.  OMGosh!  It is even better than I had imagined!  Ever since that afternoon...I have had visions of multiple quilts dancing around in my head!  This is the best thing since the rotary cutter!  Honest!!

There is a "Time to Sew" planned for all guild members this weekend!  I am not sure when the Home Ec room will be open, but at 7:00 pm Diane W. will be giving a demonstration on how to use the AccuQuilt.  Believe me...you do not want to miss that.  Even if you can't take the time to sew, be sure to stop by and see our new toy in action!  It is my understanding that the room will be available all weekend!  If you have questions concerning the AccuQuilt, call Diane at 424.7755.  If you have questions concerning the Time to Sew event, contact Dawn Jewell at 424.3110.  Happy Quilting!