Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time to Sew...May 2010

Stopped by the guild's "Time to Sew" event and caught up on the progress of a few of our members.  It is a busy time here in Cordova with the beginning of the commercial fishing season, school ending, and lots of construction going on.  There weren't many in attendance, but those who were there...gosh...they were getting a lot done!
Just look at the progress Cece has made on her Montana Cartwheel!  It is stunning!  And inspiring!  
Barb was working on her Hunter's Star...we all have such fond memories of  Spring Retreat this year.  Barb's blocks are beautiful with the contrast between the orange and yellow...we're all looking forward to it!  Peggy Gelbrich was such an exceptional teacher...she really inspired us all.

Congratulations to Sara!  She was the first member to use the AccuQuilt machine that was recently purchased by the guild.  All members can rent it for $15 an hour at any guild event!  It is amazing how quickly a quilt can be cut out!  Diane W. gave a demonstration on how to use it last night...I know that I plan to get myself organized and cut out a few in the near future!  The funds collected will be used to pay for the machine and acquire new die cuts.  This machine will revolutionize our quilt making!  If you haven't seen it in action yet...don't miss the next guild are going to love it!

And finally...a big thank you to Dawn for organizing this weekends event!  It is a big responsibility and her efforts were really appreciated by those in attendance!
This is Dawn, busy making a Blooming Nine Patch.  She just started it this weekend!  She is using floral it really will "bloom"!  Thanks again Dawn for another successful guild event!