Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Bonnie Hunter Choices!

During our retreat, the guild membership chose what lecture and classes we are going to have Bonnie Hunter teach during her visit in September!  For her lecture on Thursday, September 22nd we will be having her lecture on her infamous "Scrap Users System"!  We've read about it on her site, blog and books, but it will be great to talk to her personally about it!
On Friday, September 23rd we decided to have her teach a class that is beginner friendly, "Blue Ridge Beauty".   This quilt is from her second book, Leaders and Enders.  The class supply list can be found on her site ( here.
On Saturday, September 24th, she will be teaching her "Cathedral Stars" quilt!  The supply list for this quilt can be found here.  

Bonnie will be the first national level teacher (Quilt Rock Star) that we've hosted here in Cordova, so we are very excited to have her come and share her talents with us!  Some of our members are counting down the weeks! ;-)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Niemeyer Crazies - 1st Meeting!

The Niemeyer Crazies (guild's special interest group) held their first meeting today!  The Chairwoman ... Chief of the Crazies ... Lila, organized today's meeting.
Lila is doing the "Wild Goose Chase" pattern.  Her batiks were beautiful and her enthusiasm gave this group just the inspiration we needed!  Thanks for organizing us, Chief of the Crazies!
There were five of us who chose to take on this Quiltworx challenge!  Several of us have dabbled with her patterns before ... her instructions are incredible ... and the quilts are amazing!  Judy Niemeyer taught at the Valdez Quilt Festival in 2008, and a few of us were fortunate to take a class with her.  Diane was one of those ... today she was working on the "Glacier Pines" pattern.  It promises to be stunning!
Valerie and I are working on the "Seasonal Tablerunners" pattern.  As always, we had a case of the giggles!  Is it appropriate to be silly while working on a Judy Niemeyer pattern?  If you're somewhat crazy it is! ;-)
Remember the nursery rhyme ..."she had so many children, she didn't know what to do"?  That was Diane's dilemma ... she had so many patterns, she didn't know which one to do first!  We had fun teasing her about that! ;-)  But we completely agree...all of Judy Niemeyer's patterns are stunning!  Diane eventually decided to make the "Three Ducks in a Row"!

Gosh ... as always we had a ton of fun!  It will be exciting (and entertaining) to watch as we work together on our Niemeyer projects!  

Other Guild News

Our summer Time to Sew events have been scheduled!  Thanks Sam!  They will begin at 6:00 pm on Friday evening and go until 2:00 pm on Sundays!  The dates are:
* May 13-15
* June 10-12
* July 15-17
* August 12-14

We'll end this post with a show & tell by Diane W.
As a guild ... we never lack inspiration ... our members provide one another with an abundance of it!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Judy Niemeyer Special Interest Group!

The Judy Niemeyer Special Interest Group will hold their first get together this Saturday, April 23rd  from 10-5 in the Home Ec room!  Contact Lila at 3536 if you have any questions.  Many thanks to Lila for organizing this special interest group!  There promises to be a ton of inspiration with this group!  
Bring your Judy Niemeyer project ... that "Can Do" spirit ... and join the challenge fun!  ;-)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Spring Retreat - A Huge Success!

Spring Retreat was a huge success!  Take a look!

"Pam's Trip" Class taught by member Renee' Rankin!
That's her in the center...cheering on those taking her class.  Great things happened here this weekend because of her!

Our guild starts them young ... here is 4 month old Princess Raine playing with her mother's strips!  Too darn cute!

Loose Ends
This group had a lot of participants as well ... the progress, inspiration, and fun just never ends!

Those working on Loose Ends projects were busy and got a lot done!  However ... things did get a bit out of control ...
... we can't share much ... the case is still under investigation ... but ... pictures are worth a thousand words!

Groves Family Quilt Project
Neva and Diane took charge of this very important cause.  They collected batik strips from members ... 
... which were sewn and cut ...
... and sewn again!  The borders were being sewn on today ... it goes to the volunteer long arm quilter tomorrow ... mission accomplished!  Thanks Neva and Diane for spending the entire weekend getting this project done.  Your efforts will bring comfort to the Grove family and inspires us all!

Catered Dinner
The Guild's Personal Chef, Sandy (on the right) prepared a beautiful dinner of Caesar's Salad, an assortment of pizzas and dessert pizza.  
We enjoyed Alfredo, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Supreme, and Thai pizza all prepared on homemade pizza crust dough.  Absolutely. Delicious!
For years we had potlucks, but that meant many of us would have to leave during the afternoon and prepare something.  With having the meal catered, we can focus on why we have the retreat ... to sew ... relax ... and spend time with one another.

I thought the dessert pizza looked like a medallion quilt design!  And yes ... it did taste as good as it looks!  

Show and Tell

It was a weekend packed with laughter, friendship, support ... oh yeah ... lots of quilting too!