Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Spring Retreat - A Huge Success!

Spring Retreat was a huge success!  Take a look!

"Pam's Trip" Class taught by member Renee' Rankin!
That's her in the center...cheering on those taking her class.  Great things happened here this weekend because of her!

Our guild starts them young ... here is 4 month old Princess Raine playing with her mother's strips!  Too darn cute!

Loose Ends
This group had a lot of participants as well ... the progress, inspiration, and fun just never ends!

Those working on Loose Ends projects were busy and got a lot done!  However ... things did get a bit out of control ...
... we can't share much ... the case is still under investigation ... but ... pictures are worth a thousand words!

Groves Family Quilt Project
Neva and Diane took charge of this very important cause.  They collected batik strips from members ... 
... which were sewn and cut ...
... and sewn again!  The borders were being sewn on today ... it goes to the volunteer long arm quilter tomorrow ... mission accomplished!  Thanks Neva and Diane for spending the entire weekend getting this project done.  Your efforts will bring comfort to the Grove family and inspires us all!

Catered Dinner
The Guild's Personal Chef, Sandy (on the right) prepared a beautiful dinner of Caesar's Salad, an assortment of pizzas and dessert pizza.  
We enjoyed Alfredo, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Supreme, and Thai pizza all prepared on homemade pizza crust dough.  Absolutely. Delicious!
For years we had potlucks, but that meant many of us would have to leave during the afternoon and prepare something.  With having the meal catered, we can focus on why we have the retreat ... to sew ... relax ... and spend time with one another.

I thought the dessert pizza looked like a medallion quilt design!  And yes ... it did taste as good as it looks!  

Show and Tell

It was a weekend packed with laughter, friendship, support ... oh yeah ... lots of quilting too!

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  1. Wonderful quilts! You ladies make some BIG quilts. What a great way to spend a weekend. Thanks for sharing!

    Mary Ellen Boynton, Minnesota


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