Tuesday, July 26, 2016

More Celebration Updates!

The Third Cordova Northwind Quilters' Guild Quilt Show

The party has started!  Make sure to drop by the City Center and see our celebratory Quilt Show!  Hats off to Shannon E. and her committee for a job well done!  Thanks to the city staff who worked hard to make this happen for us!  Be sure to visit the quilts in the gallery before Friday evening, as those quilts will be taken down to accommodate the classes held there over the weekend!

Membership Potluck and This n' That Trunk Show

Be sure to contact Diane U. about participating in the potluck dinner on Friday, July 29th at 6:30 pm in the Atrium.  Immediately following dinner, our national instructors will be introduced and Sherri Falls will present her trunk show!

Both of our instructors, Roseann Kermes and Sherri Falls will have items for purchase available after the trunk show.  They can accept credit cards, checks and cash (if it is the exact change).

Class Assignments

Everything was done to make sure that you were scheduled with the quilters you identified.  We have 20 participants and they have been divided into two groups.  The Green Group will begin Saturday with Sherri Falls and the Blue Group will be with Roseann Kermes.  On Sunday, the groups will rotate.  Class assignments are as follows:

Green Group-Patchwork/Wool             Blue Group-Wool/Patchwork
 Valerie Covel                                         Terri Stavig
 Barb Hanson                                         Diane Ujioka
 Terry Bonnell                                         Marianne Pitchford
 Susie Scutt                                            Lila Koplin
 Shannon Evans                                     Neva Nolan
 Sam Greenwood                                   Barb Cave
 Kay Adams                                            Erica Swenson
 Christina Schlegel                                 Cece Wiese
 Jackie Ladd                                           Tori Baker
 Kim Kiml                                                Denna Francischetti

Class Preparation and Schedule

This information can be found on this post.
A reminder that the Green Group should bring their sewing machine, equipment and supplies Friday evening in order to set up immediately following the evening program.  The classroom will have both a cutting and pressing station, so it is not necessary to bring irons, ironing boards and cutting mats. The Blue group needs to bring the same items on Saturday to set up after 4:00 while the first group is cleaning up.


Participants are encouraged to bring snacks to share.  Bring them to the kitchen each morning.  Barb H., Marianne P. and Lila K will see that each classroom has a well supplied snack table.  We made the decision to NOT make coffee every morning, as fresh coffee is available across the street or you are welcome to bring your own! We have a special prize for the quilter that brings the most snacks to share! ;-)

Instagram Users

We have created a hashtag ... it is ... #cnwq30 ... please use it as you prepare and participant in this event!  It is a way for us to create our own photo album!  How fun is that?

All for now!  See you soon!  Party on!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Anniversary Party Updates!

The fun begins in less than two weeks!  Members are excited to get this party started!

Schedule Details

Friday, July 29th - Cordova Center Atrium
   6:30 pm            Member Potluck (Guild Members only)
                            Meet and Greet with our national Instructors
   7:30 pm            Formal Introductions (Open to the community)
                            Introduction of Roseann Kermes
                            Introduction of Sherri Falls
                            This n' That Trunk Show

   8:30 pm            Green Group sets up their sewing machines in the Gallery for Saturday

Saturday, July 30th - Cordova Center
   8:45                  Class Participants arrive.
                            Green Group in the Gallery, Blue Group in Community Room A

   9:00 -noon        Class in session

   Noon                 Lunch (on your own)

   1:00 - 4:00 pm  Class in session

   4:00 - 4:30 pm  Blue Group sets up their sewing machines in the Gallery for Sunday

Sunday, July 31st - Cordova Center
   8:45                  Class Participants arrive.
                            Blue Group in the Gallery, Green Group in Community Room A

   9:00 -noon        Class in session

   Noon                 Lunch (on your own)

   1:00 - 4:00 pm  Class in session

   4:00 - 4:30 pm  Clean-Up and Good-Byes

Potluck and Snacks

Diane Ujioka has volunteered to be in charge of the membership potluck dinner on Friday.  If you have questions or concerns please contact her via phone or email.

Marianne Pitchford, Barb Hanson and Lila Koplin will be organizing snacks for the classrooms.  We ask that if you donate snacks, bring enough for use in both classrooms.  Deliver snacks to the kitchen.  They will set them up on tables in each classroom.  Thanks in advance for contributing ... snacks make every event more fun!  During our Wrap-Up on Sunday, a special door prize will be given to our Party Snack Champion!

Class Preparation

Wool Applique' with Roseann Kermes

Participants need to bring the following:

  • #9 embroidery needles
  • small applique' pins
  • small sharp scissors
  • basting glue, such as Roxann's or Jilily
  • $45.00 payment for kits  

Crafty Basket and Patchwork Fun with Sherri Falls

  • Sherri suggests that participants have their projects cut out before class begins.  That way we can spend most of our time sewing!
  • Bring all supplies and equipment listed for the patterns or design you've chosen.
  • A cutting and pressing section will be set up for use in the room.
  • Participants need to bring the usual equipment (rotary cutters, rulers, thread, etc) required for piecing.
We're celebrating 30 years of fun and creativity!

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Terri Stavig at 5581 or tsdillydally81@gmail.com

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Don't Forget to Register!

This is a party you do not want to miss!  Our 30th Anniversary celebration is fast approaching!
It is important that you fill out the registration form as soon as possible!
Roseann is busy assembling the wool applique' kits we will be using in her class!  She is leaving on vacation soon, and will be unavailable to provide kits for those who register late!
Books and patterns are available at Forget-Me-Not Fabrics for Sherri's class!  Rumor has it that Diana has a special for those who buy locally!  Get to the shop quick and find all kinds of inspiration!

More information is available here!

Register today ... do not delay!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fish Themed Quilts!

If you are planning to share a "fish themed" quilt (all sizes welcome) during The Fiber & Friends: FisherFolk event, please drop it off at The Net Loft on Wednesday, June 22 during business hours! 

Friday, June 17, 2016

30 Years! Time to Celebrate!

Hey Cordova Quilters!  We have a lot to celebrate!
We have accomplished sew much during our first 30 years!  Remember quilting when rotary cutters and rulers didn't exist?  Early members do!
This photo was taken by the Cordova Times in 1987 when we celebrated our 1st anniversary!  You may recognize a few of these "teenagers"!  Like quilting, our guild has evolved and grown over these past 30 years.  We have come a long way and accomplished many great things!
It is time to party!  And we decided to plan a party worthy of our success as a guild!  There is a ton of fun in the works!
Shannon Evans is planning our quilt show!  It will be our third one!  We are so grateful that Shannon and her committee have taken on the task!  The quilt submission form is already available here in the right side column.  Once you know what quilts you want to enter, please fill it out and submit!  Look for more Quilt Show details here on the blog in the near future!

Thirty years is an accomplishment that merits an "over the quilt top" experience!  We have planned a fun two day event!  Instead of one "Quilt Rock Star", we've invited two!  Yes!  Double the fun and double the shenanigans learning!
Roseann Kermes wears many quilt related hats!  Her experiences touch every area of the quilt industry!  Until recently, she owned and operated an AP&Q top ten quilt shop, Rosebud's Cottage.
Currently Roseann is working as a consultant for several quilting publications and businesses.  A few of us got to visit her studio in 2011, it was an amazing and inspiring experience!

Wool waiting to be kitted up for our class.  Photo by Roseann Kermes
When she isn't traveling, she is busy designing!   We've asked her to plan a Wool Applique' class for us!  We will spend a day with needle and thread in our hands as we learn new techniques and tips!
We'll begin the day by creating this sweet little pin cushion!  Roseann likes to begin her instruction with a "warm-up" project!  A great way to learn basic skills!
The primary project will be this adorable 9 x 11"  holiday themed penny mat!  The heart and holly design is repeated at both ends of the mat.  This sweet mat will brighten our homes during those long winter evenings in December!  Roseann will be bringing all the supplies for both projects as precut kits!  The cost for both kits is $45 and will be due to her at the beginning of class.  Equipment requirements for the class will be posted later.
 Quilt Rock Star, Sherri Falls of This n' That fame is also coming to share her talents!  Many of us have been using her patterns and designs for years!  She is a master at patchwork design and piecing!  She has planned a busy and productive sewing day for us!
  Our day with Sherri will begin with the construction of her "Crafty Basket"!  This is the perfect bag for organizing and storing our many projects while in progress!  What fun!

For the second half of the day ... Sherri has given us several options!
We can choose a project from her new seasonal book, Holiday Wishes!  Click here to view a youtube video that showcases all the designs in the book that you can choose from!  Our options do not stop there ...

... we can also choose to do a seasonal mini quilt!  What fun!  Sew many wonderful choices!

General Details

This Celebration is all inclusive.  Everyone will be participating in both classes!  All efforts will be made to make it possible for you to be in the same group as those you have invited to attend!  There is a place to notify us of that on the registration form.

When (specific times will be announced later)
Friday, July 29th                Potluck, Introductions and Trunk Show

Saturday, July 30th            Blue Group - Wool Applique'
                                           Green Group - Bag & Patchwork Piecing

Sunday, July 31st              Blue Group - Bag & Patchwork Piecing
                                          Green Group - Wool Applique'

All events are being held at the Cordova City Center.

The guild is absorbing 50% of the costs for this event.  The cost for current guild members is $130.  The fee for nonmembers is $150 and will include membership for the remainder of 2016.

Patterns and Supplies
Forget-Me-Not Fabrics will have all the patterns and book available for purchase.  They will also have the notions necessary for the bag.  And of course, they have a wide selection of fabric.  Be sure to contact Diana early to ensure that the patterns and materials you desire are available.          

The link for the registration form is available in the right column.  Fill it out soon so that we know how many to plan for!  Payment can be given to Marianne Pitchford or to Valerie Covel at her CEC office!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Time to Sew Event!

The fun begins at 9:00 am on Saturday, June 18th!  We'll be meeting in the Home Ec room!  Come join the fun!

Monday, May 9, 2016

News from The Net Loft!

Dotty writes:

Attention Northwind Quilters!
Net Loft Fiber & Friends: FIsherFolk is coming.  A weeklong event celebrating the connections between fishing and the FiberArts.
There will be some workshops that quilters may be interested in attending.

1. Color Theory for Textiles     One Day Session    Friday, July 1

Instructor: Terri Stavig  (tsdillydally81@gmail.com)
Many of us find ourselves intimidated and confused by color.  We often lack the confidence to use color in our textile pursuits. This class is designed to give participants an academic and practical color experience that will build their confidence in using the principles of color in all areas of their textile filled lives. During this six-hour class, students will explore and create the following Color Theory concepts:
  The Color Wheel 

  Color Shades, Tints and Tones 

  The Science of Color Combinations 

  Neutrals and Their Affect on Color 

  Color Analysis 

Students should bring to class multiple samples of textiles and fibers that appeal to them for analysis during class.
Participants will spend the entire day immersed in color by creating their own color handbook. This handbook will serve as a reference for current and future textile experiences.
Length: 1 day (6 hours)
Cost: $100.00 Class fee includes lunch and dyeing supplies 

2. Color of Cordova: Natural Dyes on Fabric and Wool   Two Day Session     Saturday & Sunday, Juily 2-3
This would be great for quilters both the fabric and for creating naturally dyed wool FABRIC for wool applique.
This class will journey outdoors to collect and dye with a variety of local plants in and around Cordova and discover what colors they produce. The options include windfall, common flowers, ferns and pine cones – the list goes on! Responsible gathering will be discussed and encouraged. In addition, we will experiment with the ancient traditional dyes such as cochineal insects, madder root, osage sawdust and walnut hulls to complete our color wheel.  On the second day, we will dip our dyed fabrics into indigo and experience over-dyeing to create even more beautiful colors.  Students will receive information about common dye plants plus recipes and procedures for naturally dyeing at home and setting up and using an indigo vat.  All fabric will be provided and are enough for a small project. As a bonus, Kathy will also be covering dyeing on yarn for those interested.
Please dress for outdoor activities and bring a gathering bag or bucket, garden gloves and a pair of clippers or scissors.
Length: 2 days (12 hours)
Cost: $250.00   Class fee includes lunch and dyeing supplies.

3. Natural Dyes - Indigo Blues: The Fisherman's Colorway   One Day Session - Tuesday June 28

Indigo refers both to the blue pigment used as a dye and to indigo plants of the genus Indigofera. Indigo dye has been used for thousands of years by civilizations all over the world to dye fabric blue. It has been the most famous and most widely used natural dye throughout history. This workshop will explore the basic principles of Indigo Dyeing. (build a vat, balance, dip)
Length: 1 day (6 hours)
Cost: $125.00   Class fee includes lunch and dyeing supplies.

4. Tuesday Evening 7 pm.  
Kathy Hattori will be at the Cordova Center for a drop  in town indigo dye. We will have more information on this available as we get closer, but you would be able to bring a small piece of cotton fabric to dip in the indigo pot. I thought this would also be great to overdye a pice of grey or natural wool fabric for a unique indigo fabric swatch. First thing that cam to my mind was dyeing a swatch to wool applique blueberries!
This is a complimentary dip and follows an all day indigo class that day. 

There are still opportunities available for volunteering which can reduce the cost of your registration.
Please contact Dotty Widmann at The Net Loft for any further questions.

Thank you!!

Dotty Widmann

The Net Loft
Traditional Handcrafts
140 Adams Avenue
PO Box 880
Cordova, Alaska  99574

 ...by the beautiful shores of Prince William Sound

"Follow the fish, Follow the knitting."