Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Retreat Thank You!

Our annual Spring Retreat was a colossal success!
Thanks to the Party Retreat Planning committee!  These members went above and beyond to ensure members had a productive and enjoyable experience!
We played games and had races!  Here Amber is participating in the "Bobbin Race"!  Such fun to take a break from our sewing and play!
Each committee member made two door prize items!  Diane won a great tote bag that Sally made!
Kathleen was awarded Sally's potholders!
Shannon made two fabulous zipper bags ... Tory received one ...
... as did Sam!
Terry made two fabric boxes ... the blogger missed the first one, this the second was given to Susie!
Kay received one of Sam's infamous bags!
Marianne won a set of Denna's cup cozies!
And Neva received the apron she made.
Gladah was excited to receive Angela's tote bag designed to be used in a car or truck!  Again this blogger must apologize, she missed the heating pad Angela made for another recipient.  All of the door prizes were wonderful!
They also came up with a "Grand Prize"!  Every day that a member attended ... every time they helped another ... every time they brought a snack to share ... they got to put their name in the Grand Prize can!  After clean up was finished on Sunday a name was drawn!
Tory won!  She recently began quilting and is a new member!  The perfect recipient!
The basket was filled with lots of quilting goodness!  Tory received her first Rowenta iron!
Lots of quilt supplies ...
... and tools ... many things this beginning quilter didn't already have!  The perfect way to end a fantastic retreat!
Temporary quilt tattoos worn by committee members
This "Band of Quilters" worked so hard planning and implementing our Spring Retreat.  We all had such fun because of their efforts!
It was such a special event! The committee was successful in making us all feel like quilting royalty!  Thanks ladies, Spring Retreat 2015 is one we'll always remember!

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