Friday, October 7, 2011

Let's Hunker Down & Quilt!

We can't think of anything better to do this weekend than to sit in front of our sewing machines ... with all our quilting buddies doing the same .... and working on a project that makes us happy!  Life is good in Cordova!

The fun begins at 5:00 pm tonight ... Masonic Temple ... until 10:00 pm!

The party continues Saturday at 10:00 am!

Many guild members plan on working on items for our Annual Tea & Auction!  Bring any and all projects you've been working on over the summer months!  Sharing what you've done, inspires us all!

Special thanks to NVE, for again allowing us to use their facility free of charge.  This is our first Time to Sew since last spring ... lets get the party started!

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