Monday, April 18, 2016

A Successful Spring Retreat!

Spring has arrived in Cordova!  Our days are longer ... more daylight hours to quilt by!  We celebrated the season this past weekend with our annual Spring Retreat!
Kathleen is our scrap happy Quilt Queen!  She inspires us all!
Her daughter, Kay was also very busy.
Three of our members have organized their own special interest group and are working on American Patchwork and Quilting's Row by Row Mystery Quilt.  Their first two installments are done!  Kay is doing hers in batiks.
Jackie is making hers with prints that have a sewing theme!
Denna is a part of the group as well.  Here she is working on the third installment that involves fusible applique'.  Her fabrics have a "vintage modern" appeal.
This is a picture of their units together!  What fun they are having and what inspiration they are providing for the rest of us!
Denna finished her floral applique' row!
She was busy working on two other projects as well.  Here is a sample of blocks she is piecing for a large quilt.
And she made great progress on a Cathedral Window table runner as well!
Chelsea attended her first retreat!  Such a joy to have her join us!
She was busy working on a strip pieced quilt.
And before long the top was done!
Borders were added!
By Sunday she had it basted and was machine quilting it!  What an accomplishment!
She also shared with us blocks that she has created from her 4 year old daughters drawings.
What a wonderful project!
Neva couldn't spend the entire weekend because of travel, but we are so grateful she spent her spare time with us!
Marcela came packed and ready to make every moment of retreat count!
Before long her first project was pieced and had borders on!
This project is stunning and will be a long term project!  Beautiful!
Here she is piecing her third project!
Deciding on a layout is always like working a puzzle.
Borders on and another top finished!  Great quilt Marcela!
Darlene was busy making blocks from oodles of strips!
She kept at it and by the end of the weekend had many blocks pieced!
She also brought in this completed baby quilt!  Adorable farm theme panel with bear paw blocks!  So stinkin' cute!
This beautiful top is going to be a wedding gift for her niece!
Maryanne had several fun projects to share!
She was busy layering this quilt!
She shared this recently finished sampler!
She spent much of the weekend working on this 1930's themed Double Wedding Ring quilt!  It is going to be gorgeous!
Susie made great progress over the weekend on her Trellis!
Many small pieces are necessary to create the scrappy backing this quilt requires.
Before long she had it pieced and spent time preparing all the tiny applique' pieces.  It is so fun to watch this quilt blossom while she works on it!
Sally is expecting a new baby this fall!
She has been busy making her two-year-old daughter a "big sister" quilt.
She finished the blocks and before long was applying the sashing!
A beautiful quilt for a sweet little girl!  Sally immediately began working on a "big brother" quilt for her four-year-old son!  Stay tuned!
Amber finished piecing her quilt and has planned a pieced border!  This entire quilt is her own design!
The first thing Shannon accomplished this weekend was to apply the binding on this quilt she recently long-arm quilted herself!
She spent the rest of the weekend busy fusing and sewing her Halloween raw-edge applique' quilt!
The detail on these blocks is amazing!
Shannon has mastered the raw-edge applique' technique!  Amazing workmanship!
Diane shared a recently finished quilt top!  It is filled with spring time cheer!
She was busy building scrappy pineapple blocks through out the weekend!
And made terrific progress!  It is beautiful!
Torie explored raw-edge applique' for the first time with terrific results!
Sam was busy piecing units for her Montana Cartwheel quilt.
Wow!  Such beautiful results!
Barb was chairperson for this event!
Even though she was busy with all of her hosting responsibilities, she still got a lot of sewing done!  Her bag turned out amazing!
Thanks a million Barb!  Spring retreat was a huge success!  We are all grateful!

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