Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February Time to Sew!

Our February Time to Sew event is this Saturday!
Details are in the right margin!  Come and be inspired by the work of our members!  Come and make progress on your own projects!

Business Meeting Details
On Thursday, January 28th the Northwind Quilters Guild had their annual meeting at the Cordova Center.  The following officers were elected:

            President                   Valerie Covel
            Vice President            Kay Adams
            Secretary                   Cece Wiese
            Treasurer                   Marianne Pitchford
            Member At Large       Samantha Greenwood

The Guild voted to continue the following events and committees:
            Spring Retreat/Loose Ends
                Co-Chairs:        Terry Bonnell & Barb Hanson
                Worker Bees:  Terri Stavig

             Fall Retreat/Loose Ends
                 Chair:               Valerie Covel
                 Worker Bees:   Marianne Pitchford
                                          Terri Stavig
                                           Shannon Evans
         Senior Auction Quilt
                   Chair:          Samantha Greenwood
                   Worker Bees:    Terri Stavig
                                             Kay Adams
                                             Diane Ujioka
                                             Terry Bonnell
                                              Valerie Covel
                                              Barb Hanson

               30th Anniversary Party
                    Chair:                Terri Stavig
                    Worker Bees:    Marianne Pitchford
                                              Valerie Covel
                                              Diane Ujioka
                                              Terry Bonnell
                                               Lila Koplin
                                               Barb Hanson

                30th Anniversary Quilt Show
                      Chair:            Shannon Evans
                      Worker Bees:    Diane Ujioka
                                                Susie Scutt
                                                 Sally Bennett
                                                 Barb Hanson
                                                 Kay Adams

                 Scholarship Committee
                       Chair:                 Terri Stavig
                       Worker Bees:     Shannon Evans
                                                 Diane Ujioka
                                                 Terry Bonnell

                  Annual Tea & Auction (Date is set for Nov 6th)
                        Chair:               Unfilled at this time
                        Worker Bees:     Susie Scutt
                                                  Shannon Evans
                                                  Barb Hanson

                   NVE Baby Box Quilts
                        Chair:      Unfilled at this time                        
                        Worker Bees:     Shannon Evans

As is evident, we need more members to volunteer their service on the committees listed.  Please contact Valerie if you are willing to help ensure the success of our guild.  A huge thanks to those who willingly volunteer their time and talent!

See you Saturday!

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