Thursday, March 12, 2015

Quilter's Anonymous = Success!

Our second Quilter's Anonymous meeting was energizing ... a sense of accomplishment was enjoyed and felt by all participants!  Success for long-time quilters and newbies alike!
Valerie began working on a Pine Needles - McKenna Ryan project  ... it will be stunning and has a special purpose!
Denna finished piecing her very first quilt!  We're all excited for her!  QA is an opportunity for experienced quilters to encourage and coach those new to quilting!
Lila continued making progress on a project she cut out in 2008!  That is what QA is all about for experienced quilters ... a chance to pull projects from our stash and earn those PhDs!
Diane made great progress on her Kansas Troubles Pineapple ... gorgeous!
Tori arrived with her second quilt pieced!  She certainly has been bit by the quilting bug!
She immediately got busy layering ...
... and by the end of the day, she had finished the machine quilting!  Talk about success!
Terry made great progress on her cross stitch.  Then.  She.  Literally.  Knocked.  Our.  Socks.  Off!
Only a month ago, Terry was talking about throwing this project out.  Yes!  As in putting it in the garbage!  Not only did she finish piecing the blocks and sew them into the top ...
... she machine quilted it herself as well!  Wow!  To think that a quilt this beautiful might never have happened!  Sew inspiring ... and proves the value of a Quilter's Anonymous group!
Sew much fun!  Sew much to celebrate!

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