Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 Annual Tea & Auction - Part 2

The tables were set … the auction items were on display … time for the guests to arrive!

Our student helper did a terrific job helping serve tea and displaying the auction items while the bidding took place!  We are so grateful for her assistance!
These two women were children when we began our scholarship efforts … and now they bring their own daughters to our fundraising event!
Mother is a long time member, now her daughter is an active member who has become a vital part of our success as a guild!  The legacy of our guild continues in such a positive way!
A huge thanks to member Wendy, owner of the lodge where we host this event!  She was such a help to those who were working in the back making sure there was plenty of hot water and tea available!  She wrote down the items she planned to bid on and posted them on door frame in the kitchen!  What a hoot!
Terry and Barb did a fantastic job of keeping track of every auction item before, during and after the event!  It is a huge task!  We so appreciate their willingness to share their organizational skills!  Thanks ladies!
Auctioneer Jerry, the only man in the building, knows how to drive up those bids!  Here he had to stand between two bidders who were sitting next to one another!  Such fun!
Jerry has served as our auctioneer for many years!  It is so generous of him to volunteer to our effort!  Thanks for sharing your talent with us, Jerry!
Member Kim took on the job of Annual Tea & Auction Chairperson, and we are so grateful!  This event is so important and allows us to fulfill our financial obligations!  Thank you Kim for a job very well done!  Hats off to you!

A heartfelt thanks to our guests.  Thank you to all who came and showed their support for the many ways in which we serve our community!  

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