Monday, February 20, 2012

February's Thimbleberries Club Party!

Many of us had received our kits and we were ready to get this Pattern Party started!  Yesterday, Sunday, February 19th was when our year long party began!
In preparation for the event, Sara created a Party Membership Project box for each of us!
She took boxes that had contained laptops and transformed them into project boxes for us!
She even designed an identification label for each box.  What a wonderful way to recycle boxes that were destined for the trash!  Most of all...what a wonderful gesture of kindness!  Thanks Sara!

We were all impressed with how much was accomplished during our four hour party.
Barb was able to cut out both of her kits!
Terry spread out and was cutting out her kit as well.  We all commented on how happy we were that the kits contained generous amounts of fabric!  The fabric is sew beautiful...lots of scraps we can use in other quilts!
Cece had her kit cut out and she was busy piecing!
We were having so much fun visiting, snacking and giggling that one of Cece's heart blossoms came out caddy-whompess! ;-)  Then we discussed whether or not she should leave it that way!  What a hoot!
Sara is the mother of an 18 month old, sew her quilting time at home is limited.  She came with her kit cut out and ready to piece.
Four hours of uninterrupted sewing time is rare when you are the mother of a young child ... she wasted no time in getting a lot of piecing done!
At the end of the Party, she had her table topper pieced and all of the bias binding cut and ready!  She was a quilter with a purpose and her mission was accomplished!
Renee' stopped by and inspired us all!  She had been working on her kit at home.  We were so happy she could drop in and share her progress!
Lila didn't order a kit from this first shipment, but she came and served as our cheerleader!  Now that we have our Party books, we all spend time dreaming of ways to use all the patterns!
 And ... it wouldn't be a party without food!  As always, there was more than enough food to sustain us!  In the spirit of "thimbleberries" Sara made bars using one of our local berries...low bush cranberries!  It was delicious!
 We partied hard ... each of us accomplishing a lot ... leaving with our project boxes in hand and looking forward to the next Party on March 18th!  Until then ... party on ... Thimbleberries style!

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