Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Important Mtg. Information from Our President!

Guild President Dawn Jewell asked me to post the following email:

I met briefly with Jim Nygaard, superintendent for Cordova School District, and discussed using the Home Ec. Room.  Jim, along with the board members,  are discussing the best way to approach the issue of charges for different organizations for use of the buildings and/or rooms, trying to arrive at standardized rates in order to avoid any type of discrimination.  A utility usage study has also been performed to determine the actual cost for use of said rooms.  Jim and the board members are open to discussion and solutions to accomplish a fair exchange.  Criticism is not wanted but keeping everything standardized and fair is posing a dilemma.  Jim is aware of our non-profit status and the work we do for the scholarship fund and is looking for input.   Please email djewell@ctcak.net with ideas or visit with the Cordova School District board members with your ideas.


Dawn Jewell
Cordova Wireless Communications Inc.
Roaming Coordinator

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