Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring 2011 Quilt Retreat Begins Two Weeks from Today!

I do believe that our first Quilt Retreat was held in 1987 ... that would make this our 24th Annual Spring Retreat!

  • Fun begins on April 1st at 6:30 pm at Cordova High School
  • Participants can take the class or "Loose Ends".  More info to follow.
  • Catered dinner for $15 Saturday evening at 6 pm
  • Annual Business Meeting at 7 pm.  More info to follow.
  • The retreat ends on Sunday afternoon, April 3rd.
Pam's Trip (name of quilt) by Renee' Rankin

Renee' Rankin has graciously offered to teach this class!  Class starts at 6:30 in the CHS Home Ec room.  The fee is $30 for guild members and $45 for non-members (who will quickly become members with the extra $15)  Fabric and cutting requirements can be gotten at the CEC office from Diane Ujioka, Forget-Me-Not Fabrics or by calling Diane Wiese at 7755.  

"Loose Ends" will be free of charge to guild members and will be $15 for non-members (who will then become members)!  It will also begin at 6:30 on Friday in the CHS Library. 

Sandy P. has again agreed to cater our dinner Saturday night!  It is so nice to have a great meal right before our annual business meeting.  It makes our experience feel even more like a retreat.  The cost is $15 and as you might recall, we ate the wonderful leftovers on Sunday. 

  • Election of Officers
  • Committee Assignments
  • Selection of Bonnie Hunter Classes
Don't miss out on the fun!  If you have further questions call Diane W. at 7755!  See you there!