Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Fun! What Inspiration!

Wow!  We had a great crowd this weekend at "Time to Sew"!  It is always so much fun to spend time together doing what we love!
Kathleen was busy working on a Minnesota Hotdish while Kay was making great progress on the Hypnotic quilt she started only last weekend.  The quilts behind them were both pieced by Barb H.  The one on the left was the mystery from the Valdez Quilt Festival and the one on the right is the one she made at the Popsicle Party we had last summer.
Dawn was busy working on her flannel "Rag" quilt ... I hope you're sitting down when you read this ... her quilt is King sized!  Yes, you read that correctly ... it is King Sized!  We have to come up with some type of an award for her when this is finished!
Lila was working on a beautiful holiday-themed wall quilt.  Bidding is bound to go high on this auction item!
Julie was busy working on the alternating blocks for her Cobblestone Lane BOM quilt.  She always "sticks to it" and accomplishes a lot at these events.
Every time I turned around, Tammy was working on yet another project ... which means she had finished the one before!  She is so productive and inspiring!
Here's Terry busy planning her borders for her Popsicle quilt!

Diane W. took a brief pause ... it is tough to get this woman to be still long enough for a photo ... she is always busy working on a new quilt or technique.  We all appreciate and benefit from her energy!

Hubby Bob dropped by to show off the hat his wife, Terry B. recently knit for him!  Don't you all think he deserves an award for courage?  I mean honestly, none of the other husbands dared to enter our domain, let alone model for the camera!

I think it is pretty obvious that we all know how to have fun ... less obvious is probably the inspiration we give one another.  Always when I look at the lovely work my guild members have made or are in the process of making ... I'm inspired.
Cobblestone Lane by Barb H.
Glacier by Terry B.
Our favorite kind of "eye candy"!  
Genan was busy making these patchwork scarecrows ... I know that there is only one in the picture ... but she in making four of them simultaneously!  When she is finished with them, I am going to count the number of 2 inch squares ... multiply that number by 4 ... and then I will probably faint! ;-)
After our quarterly business meeting, President Diane U. demonstrated the 10 minute table runner for us.  What fun!
Here are the samples she had available to inspire us!
As usual ... we had fun ... we encouraged one another ... we inspired one another ... but the moments we all enjoy most is celebrating one another's accomplishments ...
... seeing the joy in a fellow guild member's face when they've met a goal is priceless!

Stay tuned ... there is a lot of guild activities coming up soon!  Will be back tomorrow with some important announcements!  Happy Quilting!